Bible Journaling is something that I started in January 2019 with NO artistic experience. It began as a way get into The Word of God and turned into something so much more than I can put into words. After discovering this newfound gift that God blessed me with, I realized that God was calling me to share it with those around me, so here I am... sharing with you what God is laying on my heart!

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God called me to homeschooling in 2014. This is a place to document what God is doing in our Homeschool. You will find a multitude of things as we continue on this journey, from Curriculum choices to Info on dyslexia and how to homeschool with toddlers running rampant...... its a beautiful mess and God is stretching us all in the process. What an amazing opportunity to pour over Gods word, day in and out with my sweet babies!

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I know, its crazy... but I love my chickens yall! ha. Another newfound love, that I have recently discovered -- Urban Homesteading. I think it kinda goes hand and hand with getting chickens. This is a place to see growth.... (and occasionally the death) of my garden and how I juggle it all! Chicken Chat & Garden Gab. A great place to share experiences and hopefully, get some advise from those who are blessed with the green thumb and wisdom. My gardening dreams are green and blooming with you.... please be ready to show this eager heart lots of grace because I have already found there is quit a learning curve here for me!

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The Bohemian Homemaker

I believe that no matter what season you are in, what job you devote your time to, the groups you are involved in... you have an opportunity to embrace a life where you can break the mold and live out your love for Jesus! This bible blogging, homemaking, homeschooling, debt defeating gig,  THIS is my ministry. I want to share this amazing love The Lord has FOR YOU. Get ready to read the raw & real deal here! I'm about to share about the HARDSHIPS that I have been through and how God has and will continue to carry me through. My prayer is that through these stories and studies you too, will see that God is always with us, sometimes we just need to refocus and simply look for Him!