Chicken Chat: EGGS!!!

Keegan and our FIRST EGG!
Aug 30, 2019

YALL WE WERE SO EGG-CITED TO FIND OUR VERY FIRST EGG THIS WEEK! (okay, okay… I know that was mega nerdy… but I love the chicken jokes!)

A little back story here…. My mom decided to get chicks after picking up my babies for me and so our chickens are the same age! They were a few days past 18 weeks so we have been waiting and watching for eggs and a few days ago, my Momma got her first egg. In response to this news, Elijah (4), said, “Those Stinkers! Why aren’t our chickens givin’ us any eggs???” in his sweet southern accent! Its just one of those sayings I hope I never forget! So funny!

We found our first egg in the little temporary coop; my Pa is helping us build our permanent coop at the moment… we have it all ready, it just needs to be transported HERE and put together! I’ll post all about that once it is complete! So in the meantime, we are just working with what we got, and that’s perfectly fine… The chickens don’t mind! They are pretty low maintenance! BUT LOOK AT THIS LITTLE EGG, YALL! Its such a tiny little thing…..

I had taken apart the coop to clean it all out… and THERE IT WAS!

BUT I got a funny story that will make you laugh your head off…. SO, do you wanna hear about our most recent adventure in having chickens!??? Its a super short story with a crazy plot twist, leading to an unexpected ending!

I decided to start composting this fall and winter so that my chickens will have something to do; I have read that its a great way to keep them warm since the composting process produces heat. Composting will also help with the cost of feed since they do require more feed in the winter months and composting will be a place for them to scratch and turn the soil and give them snacks. There are so so so many benefits that come with composting, and this seems to just be a natural next step in homesteading with CHICKENS! (BOY, who knew ALL THIS would come with wanting just a few chickens!)

So, I decided I was gonna build a little compost area…. just a little shed type thing that has 3 walls and a slanted roof. I went down to the wood pile that we have had since we moved into our house….. we kept some of the wood from tearing down an old pool deck, for projects just like this! We had some other things that had accumulated since we don’t have a truck to haul things off with…. and so I moved a few of those items and the little wagon that was next to the wood pile so I could access everything and look for just the pieces that would work for my project and found a super fun surprise!

Aug 31, 2019

HIDDEN BEHIND THE WAGON — on the concrete beside the wood pile, laid EIGHT EGGS!!!! So apparently, yesterday was NOT our actual first egg after all! hahaha…. I was so excited, I ran inside and said… “YALL ARE NOT GONNA BELIEVE THIS!!!!” and I led everyone outside to see the clutch of eggs our girls had hidden!

We gathered them up and after some research, I learned a really neat way to determine if they were still good to eat. Its called the sink or floater test… or at least, that’s what I am calling it. Its super simple. All you need to do it get a bowl of water and put the egg in the bottom of the bowl… If it sinks, then it has NOT spoiled, but if it floats – then its BAD and cannot be eaten. All of our eggs sunk so we cleaned them off a bit and put them in a container and straight into the fridge. Anytime you wash your eggs, you must immediately refrigerate them because by washing them, you remove the protective coating that keeps bacteria from penetrating the shell. =)

So, just like that… we went from ONE egg… to NINE EGGS! lol… and we got another one on Sunday! LET THE EGG LAYIN BEGIN! Whooo hooo….

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