Chicken Chat: Meet the Crew

We got chickens the Saturday before Easter, on April 20, 2019. I had been begging my husband for chickens for YEARS and YEARS! Well, ummm… he never actually agreed to it…. he simply agreed that the cost of a chicken coop, that I had found online, was “not to bad” (price wise speaking). I took that as a GREEN LIGHT! haha…

I decided I would surprise the kids for Easter with baby chicks now that I had the ‘green light’, and then one of the kiddos got sick, so I called my Momma and ‘MOMO TO THE RESCUE’ she went to Atwoods and picked up 10 chicks. The problem was, the workers had NO idea what they were doing…. SoooOooo it has been so much fun getting to know our flock, and seeing it transform.

We started with 10, but a few weeks in, one of our birds turned out to be a cornish cross and so we gave her to a sweet friend who raises meat birds. So then we were down to 9….

We assumed that all of our chickens were pullets (which simply is a female chicken that is younger than 1 yr); but a few of our chickens ehhhhh, changed genders on us….

This is Turbo

Turbo “became” our first Cockereal…. okay, okay…. HE WAS ALREADY A BOY… but yall get it! He is so gentle and loving and we all adore him! So we have one Roo…. no big deal, right!?? I mean 8 hens 1 roo. Not to bad….. BUT THEN>>>

This is Mr. Pecker

This was Charlotte…. who’s name had to be changed b/c well, the name didn’t fit once we realized she was a HE…. since he was mean and liked to peck at people, my kids rightly named him, Mr. Pecker. He went to live with Momo after a few weeks since we already had Turbo! So we were then down to 8 chickens total….. As soon as we dropped off Mr. Pecker at his new home…. it wasn’t long before we had another new “cock-a-doodle doo”.

This is John Wick

Originally Black Betty, Elijah has renamed him John Wick! =) Wick is also chill and a very friendly cockerel so we have decided to keep him in our flock as well. Hopefully, no more ‘new’ Roos! haha…. We now have a total of 8 chickens and 6 (half a dozen ha.) are pullets (girls) and 2 of them are cockerels (boys). Here are a few photos of our (assumed) GIRLS! lol


Turbo, John Wick, Henrietta, Bernadette, Lacy, Georgia, Evelyn, and Dixie

You will get to know them in time…. Do you have chickens? Have you wanted chickens??? Comment below, I would love to start up some “chicken chat”!!!!

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