…even the wind and sea obey Him.

Matthew 8:26-27

The Bright Bible weekly Challenge this week was journaling about a scripture on WIND! I love these weekly challenges b/c they allow me to really think about scriptures pertaining to the topic. If you are not in The Bright Bible Facebook group, you can find it HERE.

Isn’t it amazing that we can trust that God is in control of EVERYTHING! He created the heavens and the earth and spoke the world into motion, but this scripture reminding the disciples of His power, REALLY is a great reminder for us today! YOU OF LITTLE FAITH — EVEN THE WIND AND THE SEA OBEY HIM! What a mighty, powerful savior we serve! That storm you are in friend, HE is with you…. put your faith in Him…. His hand is getting ready to calm the storm, all you must do is BELIEVE! <3

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