Getting Started Bible Journaling

I got into bible journaling at the start of this year (Jan 2019) before I realized it was a “thing”. I had started back to church and had a desire to get into the Word more and really draw closer to the Lord.

I started with just colored pencils and a pen that I already had at home and a desire to worship. I didn’t have any special supplies or skills, I just simply colored or drew what I got from the scripture. I read the scripture and then drew what image came to mind, if nothing comes to mind then I google a picture and then draw what I find to be the closest representation of what my mind sees. =)

If you have wanted to bible journal but have worried about coloring in your bible, messing up a page, or worried that you don’t have the extra funds…. I want to encourage you right now. You don’t have to put any money into this! Bible Journaling is simply a way for you to get into the word and let it illuminate in your life! Don’t worry about your page turning out perfect, just draw what The Lord lays on your heart and in your creative mind and CREATE and be filled with the love of Christ and the promises in His Word!

Are you new to Bible Journaling? or have you been journaling the word for a while now??? Post your very first bible journaling experience in the comments and tell us why YOU got started! =) I can’t wait to hear your story! Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Getting Started Bible Journaling”

    1. Thank you so much Angie! It is my prayer that this can be a place of encouragement so that women can dive in deeper into the word, without fear! <3 I'm still learning how to do this blog thing, Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words and support! They mean more than you know!

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