God planned it for good!

Genesis 50:20

Today has been a rough day…. shoot, this has been a rough SUMMER, Yall! From financial mountains to health scares, we are facing it all right now!

This morning I woke up and realized that I somehow processed our Mortgage TWICE! WHAT!?? We are making the 10ish hour round trip to take my step son home this weekend and so I was panicked wondering how this was gonna all work out…. I was stressed, asking God, “WHY ME!?? WHY AM I BEING ATTACKED FROM EVERY SIDE, LORD?”

I posted a plea for prayers on FB through choked back tears, took a hot shower, and then I sat down… bible in hand… and started crying out to God, “God, please help! I can’t do this without you, Lord! I need you to tell me what to do! I’m in pain, I’m scared, my kids aren’t sleeping, and NOW THIS?? WHY, GOD????”

Just as the tears were steadily flowing and I was getting good in my desperate cry for help, my husband called and said he had gotten the issue resolved. Mind you I was already mid-breakdown so you know, I cried some more…..

I share this to say… Life is HARD! We face obstacles from every side, especially when we are trying to live a life pleasing to The Lord. BUT for every evil thing the enemy has plotted against you, GOD HAS PLANNED GOOD!!! Praise the Lord for his gracy and mercy! AMEN!

What is God doing in your life? or What has he recently done???

I would love to hear your testimony!

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