How I teach Bible, World History, Geography, and Timeline ALL TOGETHER!

It may sound crazy, but I have learned more teaching history in our Homeschool than I did when I was in public school….. I’m not saying this to “down” the public school system… I remember asking my Mom “Why do I need to learn about DEAD PEOPLE?” Oh how I wish I had had a different attitude about it back then, but because we were studying to prepare for tests instead of learning as a cure for curiosity, I was not interested! This style of learning was NOT helpful for me at all as I learn better when using as many senses as possible! I’m blessed to be able to homeschool! Man, its hard work BUT gosh, what an honor to learn alongside my children! I think the biggest difference and what has FLAMED my curiosity is how interesting learning history is when learning in chronological order along side biblical history and seeing how things are connected and what happened alongside the stories I have learned growing up in church. I mean…. things make so much more sense now.

It may sound silly, and its for sure EMBARRASSING TO ADMIT, but realizing that biblical history coincides with world history has been mind blowing…. sad?! Right? I never made the connection before. What about you?? Do u know much about how biblical history lines up with world history??? Did you even realize that those Bible Stories had a place in World History??

Well, this is what drew me to teaching all of these subjects together…. BUT you may be wondering HOW we do our Bible, World History, Geography, and Timeline work all together in one subject! Well, that is what I want to share with you.

First, lets talk about the “Spine” we use, which is Simply Charlotte Mason’s Genesis-Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt GUIDE. This is exactly that… a GUIDE. You will purchase all kinds or books and other resources along with this but they provide all of that info on their website, HERE. The way the SCM guide is set up is Day 1, 2, and 3 is Bible and then Day 4 is Geography and History, with Day 5 as History. It provides a daily lesson for all of the students to do together as a family plus grades 1-3, grades 4-6, and grades 7-9, and finally grades 10-12 so that you can personalize it to the childs level.

I love the wide variety of read-alouds and resources that you are pulling from. Visits to Africa is the Geography Workbook that is used so that you are learning, geographically, about where the places are from the reading. The SCM Ancient Egypt: What they left Behind Portfolio is full of beautiful high quality photos that you can display and again, these are things that you are learning in about in the reading. Its super neat to have those beautiful, detailed photos available to study!

Alongside SCM’s guide I use The Story of the World Vol. 1 Text Book as well as the Activity Book (this is the most important part!), which is actually a stand alone curriculum that we used in the past BUT I loved SCM’s approach and how they begin with Creation and focus more on scripture, BUT what SCM lacked was a multi-sensory approach. SOOOooooOO… While it puts more work on the teacher (YEP, THATS ME!) I like to pair these two up where I can incorporate the super fun activities that are suggested in The Story of the World Activity Book while also focusing on Bible History. They do not line up exactly and we don’t do everything suggested but we do enjoy the hands on activities and worksheets!

The way I pair these is I have gone through and made notes in the SCM guide the week ahead that remind me of what activities I want to pull from the SOTW. I’m able to make sure that we have all the supplies that we need and I can make sure that I’m not missing any activities that I wanted to add in to make the connection by using all the senses. Yes, this takes longer…. but I am happy to slow down and make it happen because I think that its so so important to keep learning FUN and engaging.

NOW, DOCUMENTATION:::: I love to document our learning, and that is where the Timeline of World History from Thinking Tree comes in! I do want to mention that this is a regular bound book that I have taken to and had spiral bound with an old Erin Condren coil for extra support.

In this journal I normally have Keegan either draw and color a picture and/or we find an image of what we are learning about and we print it and glue/tape it in. Then I have Keegan orally narrate what we have learned and I write in his narration. I am currently doing most of the writing but do plan over the next few years to slowly give that responsibility over to him as he is ready. =) Its just what works best for our family at this season and he is doing other writing/copywork during our school day.

My kids and I thoroughly enjoy doing Bible, World History, Geography, and Timeline all together…. which we just call HISTORY! =) Its worked really for us. I am always willing to make adjustments as needed so we may make changes in the future but this should do fine as each of my littles begin school. SCM is set up on a 6 year rotation so that you get to go through each time period twice. I love that. If you are looking to start this program, they have great youtube videos on how to figure which time period you should start on if you are not starting in Kindergarten or 7th grade which would make the 6 year rotation play out perfectly…. do NOT let that be a reason that holds you back if you are interested!

What curriculum do you use for History? What is you or your child’s favorite thing about your History Curriculum? OR maybe you have a favorite TIME PERIOD! Please, share with us below! I’d love to hear from you!

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