“Moving Mountains”

Water Color
Matthew 17:20

“Moving mountains” is a power we have been given through the spirit, we must only believe! Speak with authority… using the sword (scripture) and claim yourself a child of God, and not one to be messed with!!! Sometimes when trials come, we look to understand the situation, thinking maybe this is punishment…. but oftentimes…. it’s an assignment of refinement. Examine your heart, look to God, and pray in thanksgiving that he cares so greatly for you and loves you enough to trust that you will WILL the power within you, that he has given to move those mountains…. just by believing… AND THEN SHARE YOUR STORY!!!! Because you never know who will hear it…. your story just might become someone else’s survival story. We were never meant to stay quiet…. WE ARE MEANT to share what God has done in our lives and we would never have a testimony, if we hadn’t gone through that time of testing! It may be hard to share but God will reward you!

Want to share your testimony? I would love to hear what gone has done or is doing in your life right now!

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