No Trespassing!

Aug 2019 at VBFA – Pastor Britt Brooks

This series our pastor preached on back in Aug 2019 really spoke to my heart. He emphasized that the devil ignores your salvation and he isn’t afraid to trespass in your life. He NEVER intends to tiptoe around and try to sneak in little stabs here in there. NO – he is here to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10) BUT When you post your sign of salvation you give heaven full authority to prosecute Satan to the fullest for trespassing in your life (Romans 12:19). Maybe you have been saved for a long time and your sign has faded… your going through the motions and you’re not on fire anymore?? or maybe a storm came along and blew your sign away stealing your faith…..

A little back story required here…. In Arkansas, purple paint on trees or fence posts serves as a no trespassing sign, but lasts YEARS and can’t be removed easily. It means this area is POSTED and NO TRESPASSING is allowed.

SoooOooo… How can you declare yourself – POSTED? You can PAINT yourself, not just with a little splatter of paint… but coat yourself in that blood of Jesus. Make it known that you Love the Lord, speaking out his name – HE saved you through grace. Pray, share the good news — plant those seeds, get into the word of God, get involved in the community and in your church – so that you have the ability to SHARE your story and what Christ has done in your life! THEN lean into Romans 12:19!

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