Our “I’m done with this!” Moment!

Sometimes life hands you uncomfortable situations that set you on an unexpected journey. That is exactly what happened to us recently. A difficult, “our backs are against the wall” type of situation occurred that set our family on our debt free journey in Nov 2019.

I need to preface this story with some truth. God is omniscient – He is all knowing, all seeing, and is above all! I believe sometimes these uncomfortable situations are God simply intervening in our life, putting us in an uncomfortable situation as a way of getting our attention. Who is brave enough to admit that they sometimes need a wake up call. God promises us a hope and a future… but I think society has told us how to define success and we have claimed it as truth above what GOD has said in His Word. We think that we have to have the newest this, the biggest that, and the fanciest of fancies… and all that wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t going into piles of debt to live that lifestyle. Scripture tells us that a borrower is a slave to the lender (Proverbs 22:7) and we blindly fell into this pit as well.

At one point, my husband and I had a PAID OFF HOME AND TWO PAID OFF VEHICLES! Then we had 2 more babies and outgrew that paid off home and “needed” to move. We purchased a vehicle and opened some credit cards to start building our credit so we could buy a house…. That’s what society tells you to do, right!? Then we purchased our current home on a 30 yr mortgage. Then we added a second car payment to the mix a year later…. we got more credit cards and traded up on our van. Needless to say we went from $0 in debt to accumulating around $160,000 in debt (including our home) in in a matter of a few years. WHY? I believe we had the best intentions, but we were clueless. Clueless that there was any other way to live. Look around at society… how many people do you know who have a paid off home, paid off cars, and NO consumer debt? WE WERE ONE OF THEM AND STILL MANAGED TO FALL INTO THIS MESS!

We lived paycheck to paycheck thinking this is normal. From Fall 2018 through Fall of 2019 a one year series of mishaps caught up with us… in that year our mortgage went up $200 a month, right after we got a new van with a NEW payment that had increased too…. we put all of Christmas on credit cards (something we KNEW WAS STUPID) and swore to pay it off with tax income money and then didn’t, our fridge went out TWICE and we lost all of our groceries TWICE before buying a new fridge that I had to have and then had to tear down a wall to get the stupid thing to fit, we had to call a plumber when my daughter flushed a fisher price little people which ended up being a $300 toy at the end of it all, new tires and car maintenance needs, ect. These are all NORMAL life occurrences that we should have been prepared for but weren’t.

Then the bank decided they wanted their money that we had borrowed for Christmas in 2018 and we had to humble ourselves and ask for a loan from my grandparents to pay it. THAT WAS OUR WAKE UP CALL! That was the “I’m done with this moment.” and that was October 2019… Its been 4 weeks… 4 WEEKS SINCE WE DECIDED SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE! I looked online and found Dave Ramsey. I had heard of him before but knew nothing about the program. My aunt mailed me the books and my husband and I started reading, listening to his youtube channels and podcasts, and started working the program. This is a lifestyle change. It takes courage! It takes an “I’m done with this!” moment! and we had ours…. so this is our way of living it out loud! Sacrificing what others may think and running towards a life that God has intended and praying that someone else out there will be encouraged when hearing our story….

SO HERE WE GO>>>>>>> Call us crazy, call us weird! That’s okay! All I know is I’m tired of seeing my husband working long, hard weeks to pay the bank…. we became slaves, just like scripture says and we are breaking free!

We are a ONE income family with 4 kids who live a pretty frugal lifestyle already but we are ready to fight to pay off $160,000 in debt! Come along on this journey with us to see how we do it! =)

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