Those verses give us the four most crucial things to understand about salvation: the basis, the instrument, the result, and the confidence.

1. The basis of salvation is grace.

Salvation was not a reward for good behavior. It was not because we were “less bad” than someone else or had a good heart or had great potential. It’s not even a reward for showing faith. “Grace” means that it was based on nothing good or meritorious about us… BUT THAT IT IS A GIFT FROM GOD! God didn’t just offer salvation as a gift; he also freely gave us the faith to BELIEVE in the first place.

2. The instrument of salvation is faith.

Faith is not simply a religious feeling or becoming more “Christian.” Faith is the belief that Christ has accomplished it all, just like he said he did, and simply resting our hope on that.

When you become a Christian, you reach out to the Lamb of God and say, “I believe you came for me. You died for me. And there is nothing I can do to save myself. You, Jesus, are my blessed assurance.”

God has already (past tense) completed the purchase of our salvation. When we claim that as our own in faith, it becomes ours.

3. The result of salvation is good works.

We’re not saved by good works; but if we are saved, we will do good works.

That’s because when God saves us, he unites us to Christ and begins to infuse his life into us. There’s no way to be hit with that kind of force, to have that kind of power working in us, and not change.

Have you experienced the grace of God? Then how can you say you understand and believe the gospel and not love him? How can you say you love God while enjoying those things that put him on the cross?

We’re saved by faith alone, but the faith that saves is never alone.

4. The confidence of salvation is that what God started, he will finish.

“Prepared beforehand” means God has pre-planned these good works for us. God has started composing our lives into a beautiful song that glorifies him. And what he has started, he will finish.

Genesis 1. At creation, God spoke something into nothing. He didn’t start with raw material. He started with nothing and created everything. He spoke a light that did not exist into absolute darkness.

When God saved you, he took a righteousness that did not exist in you and spoke it into being. The same powers that spoke the universe into existence began to create righteousness in us.

The darkness in our souls is no more able to resist the transforming power of God than the night is able to resist the sunrise.

Which means that all we have to do is yield ourselves to Jesus to let him do his work through us. Christianity is not about us doing anything for God but letting Christ do everything through us.


Once you have asked Jesus to save you from your sins, you may be asking “WHAT NOW?”…. Now its time to FIND YOUR TRIBE! I’m happy to chat with you if you just prayed this prayer or if you are rededicating your life to Christ BUT I want to encourage you to get involved in a local church and start studying the Word of God! Fellow believers are the folks who will love on you and lift you up in times of hardship and need!

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