Thinking Tree Review Part 1

We LOVE Fun-schooling Journals in our home and I am so excited to be able to team up with Sarah Janisse Brown at Thinking Tree to review some of these awesome Journals for yall here on the blog! They were so kind to let us choose 5 journals for free so that I can share with you how we use these journals in our home. I also want to provide you with links and other resources on how to help you flip to fun-schooling. There are so many amazing journals to choose from – OVER 300 – in fact so rest assured that Thinking Tree has you covered!

Before we dive in, I want to point out that this is going to be PART 1 of my first series here on the blog because there is so much amazingness to share that there was NO WAY that I could condense it down to just one post! So for today, I want to explain WHAT this company is all about, how my family came to use these amazing Journals, and just some little tid-bits that I think you might find interesting before I begin reviewing each of the 5 journals that were sent to us specifically to show off for YOU!

These are the 5 Journals that we will be reviewing.

Our family stumbled upon Thinking Tree when I was looking for things to help my son, Keegan, who is dyslexic. I can’t remember the very first journal that we purchased but I can tell you that things escalated quickly! ha. ha. This Momma fell in love with this company in a HOT MINUTE!

Sarah is an amazingly inspirational Mom of 15 and she started designing this new style of homeschooling about 10 years ago, kinda out of necessity to help her own child who is dyslexic. Her desire was to ignite a love for learning…. which is exactly what I was on the search for when I found Fun-Schooling! Fun-Schooling is simply using your childs’ natural talents and passions to ignite that desire to grown their knowledge. Why work solely on developing basic boring skills to wait years to put it all to work? Use their knowledge NOW to do what they love TODAY!

At the core of Fun-Schooling is the Fun-Schooling Core Journal.  Thinking Tree has over 50 different Core Journals based on a huge variety of interests. Core journals organize learning core subjects around the childs passions so all you need is a Core journal, a stack of books, and things from around your home that focus on your childs interest! Its one of the most affordable ways to homeschool since you can use books that you already own, books from the library, card and board games, legos, art supplies, the internet and video games (like Minecraft). You probably already have most of the items you need!

Do you have a child who loves animals? Minecraft? What about music or musical instruments? Maybe your child wants to learn how to make money or learn how our economy works. What about baking, dinosaurs, and pets… Thinking Tree has Journals for all of these as well as other add-on books in all the subjects to supplement the core journals. So if you want to make homeschooling fun for the kids while making sure they are learning, and you want it to be easy on YOU, sweet Momma, try Fun-Schooling!

Thinking Tree also has an amazing 3 part series called Dyslexia Games. I purchased Series B for my son and they are super fun and help to open new pathways in the brain and connect both the left and right hemispheres. If you are a dyslexic Momma, then you know that this is GOLDEN! The best part is that your child doesn’t even realize its “work” because its FUN!

This is *most* of our Thinking Tree Journals…. a few didn’t make it to the photo op! ha. ha. All but the top 5 were purchased by us. I wanted you to see, that this review is not bias, but that we truly love this company and their journals!

We use these books differently in our home than some do. There are many so many ways that you can incorporate them into your childs learning adventure! Our family uses them along with other homeschool curriculum. I’ll explain more on how we do that in later posts but for now, if you want to see what books there are to choose from just check out their Fun-schooling bookstore and watch the video about “How to choose the right books”.  They have journals for Pre-school through High School AND even Mom-School! You can also visit their Facebook Group to connect with thousands of other Fun-Schooling families.

If you have questions, please feel free to comment below. I’m happy to help you anyway that I can!

NOW — Head on over and check out our next post in this series: Thinking Tree Review Part 2 – Reviewing Colorful Fun-schooling with Minecraft!

Happy Homeschooling Friends!

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