BUT… What if I mess up?

Its a Common Worry… BUT WHAT IF I MESS UP A PAGE IN MY BIBLE…. I mean, its IN. MY. BIBLE!!!! Its not like I can just tear out the page! RIGHT!?? It can kinda be nerve racking, esp when just getting started with bible journaling… that anxiousness of “messing up”. After all, you have this beautiful new bible, and the pages are crisp and you have these pictures in your head of how it will turn out, but “WHAT IF I MESS IT UP!???” Like really – REALLY make a mess of things?!

I want to offer some encouragement by sharing a story about a recent, personal experience!

As a homeschooling Mom, I find myself telling my littles that if they mess up, its okay. Artists don’t make mistakes, they just shift their vision….. AND GOD MAKES BEAUTIFUL THINGS OUT OF MESSES and we can always glean from that truth…. sometimes, we just have to look past the mistake to something bigger, something better! Sometimes, that requires us to step away from the project for a bit to calm down which is exactly what happened to me recently after my 2 yr old daughter drew IN PEN in my bible.

I had worked really hard sketching out my visions for this spread depicting The Flood, Noah’s Ark, and the Covenant God made represented through the Rainbow….. I usually start out with an outline in pencil so that I can be sure I like the placement of things. I had left my bible open on my desk and stepped away to take care of another motherly duty of some sort, only to return to find my sweet two year old creating her own work of art RIGHT THERE IN MY BIBLE. I won’t lie, I was upset. Consequences ensued and I was on the verge of tears before I was swiftly reminded of what I always tell my children in the moments when they feel they messed up on a project that was important to them. Artists don’t make mistakes, they just shift their vision….. AND GOD MAKES BEAUTIFUL THINGS OUT OF MESSES!!!!

After walking away, I was able to calm down and that evening I came back to this page, prepared to use what I had to make it into something really great! I envisioned water springing up from the ground and waterfalls being formed as the flooding began on the earth. The marks Zoey made in my bible allowed me to free my mind and really envision another part of scripture! Here is what happened…..

Do you see the lines that she drew? They so perfectly mapped out a new page. I only needed to see it from a different perspective!

I hope this will offer you some encouragement! ANYTIME that you are in the Word of God, filling your mind and hiding His truths in your heart… you are NEVER messing up! Jump out of your comfort zone. GO FOR IT! Illuminate your Faith and press through that fear or anxiousness that might be holding you back… REMEMBER, this is a process and growing through it is beautiful! <3

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