Your were never meant to carry “that” beyond the cross.

Psalm 55:22

The devil is a liar! He wants you to keep carrying the things of your past….. BUT SWEET FRIEND, I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU!

Once you are saved, and you give your life to the Lord…. you are MADE NEW! At that very moment, you no longer have to carry the burdens of your past. God has forgiven you and he wants you to lay those things at the foot of the cross! God wants you to have something new every day…. but you have to lay down the old, you have to grow in Christ, trusting that he is at work. Satan wants to steal your future, he can do that by tormenting you with your past, SO LAY IT DOWN….EVERY DAY, EVERY MOMENT until you no longer pick it up again! Don’t let the devil whisper lies about unforgiveness… SCRIPTURE SAYS you have been forgiven and so, IT IS DONE! If not, what Jesus did on the cross would be void… BUT that is NOT SO!

My prayer: “God, forgive me for picking back up, what I have already laid down at your feet.”

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